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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Scenes

Is your content exclusive?

Yes, all our content is 100% exclusive. We focus on making creative, fresh scenes, not on copying or using other work.

What is this commentary thing you do?

For many of our scenes, we provide two audio tracks. These are packaged together in the downloads as viewer-selectable audio channels. One audio track contains the regular sounds. The other audio track adds voiceover from the performers in which they discuss what it was like to do the scene, their personal sexual desires, and their feelings about the culture of sex and BDSM. We innovated these features in porn because we believe that the best porn can offer more than pure entertainment; it can also offer education and social and political insights.

Technical Requirements

How do you stream video?

We use adaptive streaming. This means our system will automatically adapt to the speed of your connection. If you have a fast connection, you will receive 720P video at a high bit rate for the best quality. If you have a slower connection, you will receive the video at lower resolutions and bit rates. Viewers with very slow connections, such as dial-up connections, may need to download the video before being able to watch it smoothly.

How do I watch downloaded video and hear performer commentary?

We offer regular members downloads in up to 1080P resolution. Premium members also get access to downloads in 4K resolution.

Many downloads have two audio tracks: a track with commentary and a track without commentary. Not all media players can access both audio tracks. We strongly recommend VLC media player, which can access both tracks. To listen to performer commentary in downloaded videos in VLC media player, go to the Audio menu, choose Audio Track, then click track 2.

Premium members need a very fast computer and video card as well as a 4K monitor to play back 4K video downloads.

About our 4K content

Why do you shoot in 4K?

Because on a big screen up close, it looks amazing!

What kind of files are the 4K downloads?

They are mp4 files encoded in the H.264 video format. These files are very large, unfortunately, and can take a long time to download, but the quality is amazing. In the future, we will likely switch to a newer video format, such as H.265, but we are waiting for technology to catch up to the new formats before we use them.

Customer support and cancellations

How do I cancel or get billing help?

Depending on your biller, visit Verotel at or SegPay at

How do I get other support?

For general customer support, please contact us online.

How do I get a refund for my subscription?

If you are unable to use our site for technical reasons, we will gladly refund your subscription fee within 3 days of purchase or as required by applicable law. Please contact us to request a refund. We will not grant a refund in obvious cases of abuse, such as when a member downloads numerous scenes within a very short period and then requests to get their money back.