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Amelia Dire in Orderly's Beatdown |

Orderly's Beatdown

Amelia Dire & Orderly Sinn

Amelia Dire follows Sedusa's lead to blackmail Sinn. But Amelia is harsher. She pummels Sinn all over his body, punching and kicking him. She tickles him ruthlessly, scissors him hard, makes him worship her pussy, sits on his face, tramples him, buttbombs him, face sits him, and rides him around the cell. She also feeds him a lollipop from her asshole over and over again to degrade him. Throughout it all, she mindfucks him so that he never knows what's coming next.

Tags: Ass cleaning, Ass worship, Butt bombs, Eating food from ass, Face slapping, Facesitting, Foot worship, Scissoring, Shoe worship, Trampling, Tickling, Mind fucking, Riding, Pussy worship, Beatdown