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Favorite Quotes Favorite Quotes

"It is only by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."
-Marquis de Sade

Patient History Patient History

Charlotte is only 20 and therefore does not have a long history. But what she lacks in history she makes up in perversion. A morbid hotness radiates from her lithe body as if her very heart were molded from the stuff of darkest fantasy. Apparently, Charlotte has been an ardent practitioner of sodomy and sadomasochism, but these details are almost irrelevant compared with the sick lust to which her mere presence immediately gives rise.

Acts of Revenge

Doctor's Punishment

Doctor's Punishment

Charlotte and Dr. Mercies

Charlotte tells Dr. Mercies she's going to tell the world about how corrupt the Assylum(R) is if he doesn't do everything she wants. Then she makes him eat her ass, slaps his face hard, rubs her foot into his balls, and throws her drink on his face. He also has to eat a banana from her ass.