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"Nothing is true; everything is permitted."
- Hassan-i Sabbah in Alamut

Acts of Revenge

Dogboy's Destruction

Dogboy's Destruction

Nurse Holl, Orderly Scott

As if Orderly Scott already hasn't had enough, Nurse Holl continues his punishment. She makes him lie on a solid steel cart and smothers him with her ass. At the same time, she administers severe CBT with chopsticks, elastics, a snappy carbon rod, her hand, and more. She scissors him, beats him, feeds him her feet and ass juice, makes him snort his pee, and she isn't even done.

Total Ruin

Total Ruin

Nurse Holl & Orderly Mike

A very extreme punishment session. Nurse Holl finds out that Orderly Mike snitched on her to Dr. Mercies and becomes enraged. She roughly ties up Mike's balls and stretches them with a bucket full of sand. She fucks his face and ass with an insanely huge strapon. She beats his butt with a giant, heavy paddle. She hurts his cock and balls in all kinds of ways, needles him, and pries open his eyes with metal spreaders to spit in them. Then she leaves him there, totally destroyed.