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Sedusa - anal therapy, facefucking, ass eating, bondage, and extreme... |

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Patient History Patient History

At 18 years old, Sedusa doesn't have much history. But she still has many perversions. Sedusa presented with extreme anal sex desires (despite having never been recorded having anal sex). She also complained of tendencies toward sexual submission, with neuroses that included rough facefucking, deep ass eating, and dirty ass to mouth. She also registered as a 6 on the painslut scale.

Acts of Revenge

Destroyed By Ass

Destroyed By Ass

Sedusa and Orderly Sinn

Sedusa blackmails Orderly Sinn after finding a stash of his photos that shows he likes women's feet. He has to do everything she wants, basically. And today, that means letting her beat the crap out of him. She punches him, jams her big ass into his face, make him lick her asshole clean, and butt bombs his face like a maniac until he can't take anymore. Then she gets herself off while he lies there, untouched.